I am a homegrown New Yorker, and graduate of Oberlin College 2013 where I studied biology, cinema and “unofficially” circus arts. As a child I was a competitive gymnast, and transitioned to theater and filmmaking in high school. While at Oberlin I returned to acrobatics through an organization called OCircus!, and have never looked back. Circus arts allowed me to combine all of my passions: acrobatics, theatrical storytelling, anatomy and biomechanics of the human body, into one form of expression.

As an artist I am at my core a storyteller. I have worked through a few different mediums as a performer as well as a director including theatre, dance, and film, in the pursuit of expressing narrative. All of these arts forms have had a significant effect on my style and identity, but when I arrived at circus arts as a mode of expression, it felt like coming home.

My performance work is very character driven, whether it is in the context of a larger narrative performance or not. I am drawn to characters that are physically powerful, fully female, and have a fierce energy to their movement quality. As a straps performer this also translates into the primarily dynamic and momentum-based technique that I practice.

Often performance work is defined as the use of a lie to tell a truth. I believe that acrobatic performance uses "extra-human" feats and ability to portray aspects of inherent human strength that cannot be expressed in any other way. As my career develops, it is my mission to uphold the expression and pursuit of that idea.