Acrobatic Performance Reel 2014

Performance reel 2014! Footage spans from 2012 to 2014.

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DSC_0090 - Version 2.JPG

Samantha Sterman is an acrobatic performer, choreographer and video editor born, raised and based in NYC. A movement enthusiast, she has been trained in a variety of physical and artistic disciplines over the last 15 years including gymnastics, contemporary dance and hip-hop, physical theater, directing for stage and film, film editing, and most recently circus arts, specializing in aerial straps and rope, partner acrobatics and Chinese pole. Working as an editor of demo materials for all genres of performing artists, Samantha has developed a unique eye for composition and rhythm of movement on the screen. Harnessing her experience as an acrobatic performer and choreographer, her demo reels hone in on an artist’s individual flare and marketability, creating exciting and expressive demo material for moving artists to use as an effective self-marketing tool.